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Michele Durante has been making audiences laugh all over the world for the past decade.   Michele is one of New York City's top female comedians who is also a retired New York City  Detective.   Michele discusses everything from her days with the NYPD, to her sexuality, to her family..who just loves her to death! Now Michele Durante can be seen in and around New York City bringing her brand of humor to clubs and bars and very dark basements.  Michele hosts a weekly podcast, "The Michele Durante Show."  Check it out 

Michele Durante




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Michele Durante is one of New York City's top comedians.  This former New York City Police Detective has been making audiences laugh for the past decade.  Michele has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and in Manchester, England.  Michele hosts "The Michele Durante Show," and her videos have gained a cult following following .  A favorite at comedy clubs,  Michele is known for her ability to connect to all types of audiences.  



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March 10, 2022


"Don't Tell Mama" NYC


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